Eminent Speaker Series: Dr. Zubair Anwar (Google, Head of Analytics) on Organizational Culture & Analytics’ Impact.

Monday, January 01 2018: As part of the Eminent Speaker Series at KSBL, Dr. Zubair Anwar (Head of Analytics, Google) spoke of the value that organizational culture can have in fostering impact from data analytics.

His own professional experience at Google, possibly one of the most well-intended, data-empowered organizations has framed his thinking that even the best data infrastructure combined with the finest human talent will fail to drive value without an organizational culture that complements this. Only once a context of conversing openly, challenging ideas and asking the right questions is encouraged can astute decisions be made that pinpoint and reflect the essence of the data at hand. In the face of tons of data today, organizations must be resourceful: extract maximum information and yet translate it to simple, insightful, actionable material. This will also lead to increased transparency in decisions.

With a packed auditorium and adjoining lecture rooms, the universal influence of big data in our lives was evident and led to an animated Q&A discussion. A welcome address by Mr. Muneer Kamal (CEO Karachi Education Initiative) and end-note by Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed (Rector & Dean KSBL) preceded/followed Dr. Anwar’s presentation.

This lecture was held as part of the school’s Eminent Speaker Series that welcomes key profession leaders to bring forth dialogue on global policy trends or evolving dynamics, for the benefit of academia and industry alike.

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