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Faculty & Research

The KSBL faculty is international in scope. The faculty from highly ranked Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge have taught the first years of the Executive Education programmes, commenced in May 2010.

The faculty have developed first rate academic programs which present the latest and most relevant management theories and applications, and which encourage students to test these new ideas through projects and internships with a focus on learning by doing.  KSBL’s faculty are grounded in the following business disciplines: finance, accounting, economics, marketing, strategy, leadership, organizational behavior, information technology, entrepreneurship and operations management.

The quality and variety of faculty will influence all areas of the school, especially the knowledge environment and campus culture. Faculty will engage in curriculum development, course development, course delivery, academic assistance, academic advising, counseling, learning assessment and research. State-of-the-art video conference facilities inside the classrooms will be a prime feature of the campus design, allowing international faculty to teach students at KSBL from anywhere in the world.

In addition to teaching the core courses and competencies, faculty will also engage in the activities outside the classroom. They will help develop policy and make educational decisions, mentor students, conduct research and work with businesses and business leaders in the community.

first years of the Executive Education programmes, commenced in May 2010