Abudawood Pakistan Visited KSBL for its Recruitment Drive

Abudawood Pakistan conducted its recruitment drive at KSBL for its Management Trainee Program. The session began with a brief introduction of company with an energetic corporate video, showcasing the culture and multiple departments of company.

Ms. Sabika Kiyani (Head of HR – Abudawood Pakistan) started the session by giving a brief introduction of the firm. Initially shedding light on the history of ADP, she shared that in 1935, Mr. Sheikh Ismail Ali Abudawood marked the foundation of this venture that within a short span of time expanded into an organization with state-of-the-art system, and one of the world’s most respected firms. Furthermore, she explained that the head office of the company is based in Pakistan and the overall employee body of approximately 2000 individuals is currently a part of this company.

Highlighting the business guiding principles of the company she shared that the management at Abudawood strongly encourages open candid communication between employees, for healthy work environment and effective exchange of ideas within the company.

She also explained that through the Management Trainee program the company will nurture strength of selected individuals and work on their weak areas, in their duration within this program.

The session ended with a subsequent Q&A session after which the team representatives conducted test of students.

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