Appointment of new Rector and Dean, Karachi School for Business & Leadership

This is to inform you that the Board of Governors of Karachi School for Business & Leadership has appointed Dr. Imran Ali, Professor of Business Policy, as the new Rector and Dean of KSBL from June 2014.
Professor Imran Ali has an Honours Degree from University of Sussex and PhD from Australian National University. He has held teaching, research and visiting positions at the Universities of New South Wales, Melbourne, LUMS, ANU, London, Harvard, Sydney and Oxford. He is a distinguished academic with a large number of international publications on Pakistan and Punjab, including The Punjab under Imperialism, 1885-1947 (Princeton and Oxford University Presses), and co-edited Pakistan: Contours of State and Society (OUP). He has consulted with several national and international organisations, and sat on various public and private sector boards and committees.

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