Becoming a Learning Organization: Talk By Dr. Asim Khwaja

Thursday, July 27, 2017: Dr. Asim Khwaja (SFASID Harvard Kennedy School, Professor of International Finance & Development) delivered a talk at the Karachi School of Business & Leadership. He spoke on the theme of “Becoming a Learning Organization” and the importance of keeping up with 21st century innovations to stay relevant in the fast-changing business landscape.

Central points of Dr. Khwaja’s talk were: A key driver of this competitiveness is the explosive, exponential growth of data availability; with more data generated in the last two years than ever. So, smart organizations must use analytics, think differently, learn and adapt frequently. Successful organizations have to be open to data: absorb, interpret, apply, then return again to refine and not allow themselves to fixate on traditional policies or theories of thinking. Organizations that have been quick to make use of this and have integrated data into the work mechanism have seen success.

Mr. Muneer Kamal (CEO, KEI & KSBL) welcomed Dr. Khwaja and Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed (Dean & Rector, KSBL) offered a note of thanks with a token of appreciation. It was a thought-provoking, engaging session with questions asked of the audience, to bring forth their viewpoints. A keen Q&A discussion also followed.

This lecture was held in collaboration with the Center for Economic Research in Pakistan, and several academics/researchers as well as CEO’s and OD professionals were in attendance. The aim of the KSBL Eminent Speaker Series is to make possible this academia-industry linkage and bring forward insight on current global trends.

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