CEO MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME (CMP) is the Beginning of Lifelong Learning & Association

The CMP is giving us quality hours with real leaders which are a total practical dimension to the MBA programme. It’s like having live coaches who know all the real insights! We are learning lessons and forming a bond to be cherished lifelong, really!”

Zohaib Sikandar, KSBL MBA Student of 2014

Mr. Salman Burney, CEO GlaxoSmithKline, and Mr. Sarfaraz Rehman, CEO Dawood Foundation, are members of ‘Pioneering Mentor Group’ at KSBL.

They interact with students with such depth and enthusiasm – it is an experience to have! Bits of their genuine advice include:
• A true leader takes everyone along
• Focus on personal development and continuous improvement helps everything fall in place
• Become a ‘thought leader’ and live for and with passions
• Read and keep aware of latest innovations and developments

You know one of the most interesting parts about these sessions? Mentees are getting home assignments they are actually excited about!
We really have no words to thank Mr. Salman Burney and Mr. Sarfaraz Rehman. All we can say is that when these students become leaders of tomorrow, they’ll owe a great part of it to both of them!
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