Touching lives

Touching lives

KSBL MBA Orientation

Broadening their Horizons with KSBL

Judge Business School, Cambridge University

Opening the doorway to Success

Touching lives

Ihsan Trust - KSBL Partnership

The Impact of Your Gifts on KSBL

The valuable gifts contributed by KSBL’s friends have helped shape the campus landscape, allowing the state-of-the-art building to rise as knowledge expands and students’ needs evolve. They have made it possible for our students to attend the University on scholarships; and have provided funding that allows them to explore the world. These gifts have strengthened the school’s programs and projects, supported new initiatives, and have improved our lecture rooms, seminar halls, auditorium, library and the computer labs. This support is the foundation of every aspect of KSBL experience, ensuring that as the school develops, the knowledge grows and the institution thrives in the future.

Like many others contributors, you can also join hands with us simply by making a gift to KSBL today.

Annual Giving Campaign

an invitation for the individuals to join hands and positively influence the scope of higher education in our society

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Fundraising Chair Message

The members of the Board of Directors of the Karachi Education Initiative (KEI) are strong advocates

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