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Ihsan Trust - KSBL Partnership

Ihsan Trust (IT) is a Trust established with the aim of providing financial services to the deserving less privileged individuals in Pakistan. The objective of this not-for-profit organization is to facilitate people in need in the areas of education, rural development and relief. One of the primary aims of this trust is to provide Qarz-e-Hasna (Interest free loan) facility for Higher Education to the needy and deserving students of leading universities across Pakistan. Through this scheme, IT bears the educational expenses of the students by providing them Interest fee Loans on purely "Need cum Merit" basis in order to enable them to complete their Higher Education. During the study period, the selected student has to make a nominal, token repayment of a mutually agreed amount on a monthly basis to Ihsan Trust. After completion of their degree program, the repayment amount for the Qarz-e-Hasna is adjusted according to the income of the beneficiary with complete mutual agreement between both parties.

Ihsan Trust has been providing this Qarz e Hasna facility to a number of deserving and talented students of Karachi School of Business and Leadership since 2013 and helped them achieve their dream of pursuing higher education.

For further details on Ihsan Trust, please visit www.ihsantrust.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ihsantrust

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