Exclusive training on Mind Mapping by Tony Buzan at KSBL

KSBL organised a training session on mind optimisation technique of Mind Mapping. The session was conducted by Tony Buzan at KSBL and was attended by top business managers, KSBL faculty, staff and students.

Tony Buzan is an acclaimed education and business expert and his techniques have inspired many to elevate the potential of their minds. In addition to aiding many Fortune 500 companies with his consultancy Mr. Buzan has also lectured to varying audiences in a number of countries over the past 30 years and has provided advice on educational policy to the governments of over 10 nations.

The seminar enabled audience to understand how to create powerful and effective Mind Maps and its application to a wide range of purposes. The practice of Mind Mapping connects the full range of cortical skills in a powerful manner and can be used to generate, visualise, structure, and classify ideas, in addition to serving as an aid to organise information and solve problems. Mind Mapping and its techniques can be applied to many aspects of life resulting in improved learning and clearer thinking.
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