Executive Education: Open-Enrollment Program in Finance

Delivered by our international renowned faculty Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed and Dr Iqbal Tahir, this course introduced and developed strong working knowledge on financial and investments decision for non-financial executives.
‘Financial Acumen for Non-Financial Executives’ was a two-day Executive Education program that ran from May 2-4, 2017 on campus. It was attended by C-Suite and senior managers of various organisations including Lotte Chemicals, Hub Power Company Limited, ICI Pakistan Limited.

The course commenced with an introduction on how to analyse and understand financial statements and the key ratios associated with them. Other topics included basic investment decision, the value of time and money, ethics and personal finance. A blend of real life examples, group decisions, individual exercises were used to develop the participants understanding and how these concepts impact their day to day workings and their personal lives.
Recommendation by participant: Imran Jamil (HUBCO), “A very interactive session where complex financial concepts were made easy with practical examples”. In short, it was ’FANFE for Dummies’!

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