Executive Education: Open Enrollment Program ‘Problem Solving & Decision Making’

A three-day program on ‘Problem Solving & Decision Making’ was run as part of Executive Education Services at KSBL, from December 19-21 2017.

Delivered by internationally-renowned faculty members Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed, Dr. Muhammad Athar Siddiqui and Dr. Muhammad Imran Chaudhry, this course covered concepts across the decision-process framework; data analytics & data-empowered decision-making; decision-making under uncertainty: game theory, decision trees, probabilities; behavioral psychology: human errors & hidden traps; ethical considerations; problem-solving strategies in teamwork. Application of these concepts was encouraged through the use of case-study, group simulation exercises, individual presentation and real-life examples.

Key focus: What sets apart excellent decisions from mediocre ones? Decisions are most often intuition-based. Employing specific measurables/data to back conclusions will ultimately lead to smarter outcomes, if done without falling to the data advocacy trap. | Inherent biases in decision choices and how to identify them. Are we truly rational or boundedly-rational in decision-making?

Senior professionals from various organizations were in attendance, including: State Bank of Pakistan, Aga Khan University Hospital, K-Electric, DH Foundation, UCH Power Ltd. & KSBL.
Participant, Deputy Manager HR, UCH Power Ltd., Mr. Shams Iqbal: “The concepts learned in this program are applicable in decision-making and thought-processes at both the professional and personal level. The focus away from intuition to reason, rationality and numbers is essential. An excellent learning experience.”

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