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Techshop on Derivatives

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This two day Techshop on Derivatives aims to provide an introduction into the world of derivatives. Derivatives (Forwards, Futures, Swaps, Options) are used intensively by corporates, countries and individuals globally for successfully managing risk and for achieving desired investment outcomes. Derivative transactions worth trillions of dollars are performed annually. Even though only a subset of derivative products is currently available in Pakistan, however contracts such as swaps, forward rate agreements, futures and FX options are frequently used by corporates and financial institutions in Pakistan for managing risk. With an expected recovery in the economy of Pakistan (and the global uncertainty with regards to the prices of oil and dollar), it is expected that the use (and range) of these derivative products will increase manifold in the coming few years.


Forwards and Futures (Stocks and Commodities)

  Interest rate Forwards/Futures
  Swaps (Vanilla and Cross-Currency)
structure and valuation
  Options (FX and Stocks) & their pricing models
  Practical Applications on Derivatives
  Investment Strategides with derivatives
  Static and Dynamic Arbitrage
  Basic & Advanced hedging

Given the increased uncertainty in today's environment, effective risk management is a key goal of organisations throughout the world. The volatile financial markets, and, fluctuating commodities, oil prices, gold prices, etc, have a significant impact on the financial health of an organisation. In such an environment derivatives provide a simple and cost-effective solution to hedge against the various kinds of risks that exist (market risk, credit risk etc.). Despite the recent mishaps (and myths) surrounding derivatives, they are intensively used by organisations globally for successfully managing risk. One therefore needs to have a basic understanding of these products to effectively utilise them.

Derivative instruments are now an indespensible part of the toolkit for all financial practitioners from investment managers to CFOs. This program refines the skills you need to be a confident and adept user of derivatives, with a particular focus on futures, swaps and options.

Key Takeaways

After attending the workshop the participants will:

  Become confident and adept users of derivatives in investment management and risk management applications
  Understand the applications of standarad 'plain vanialla' derivatives, such as options, futures & swaps, as well as more advanced instruments
  Get an overview of the derivative products and understand their basics
  Develop awareness of the various derivative products available in Pakistan
  Learn how to effectively use these products for managing risk and for investment
  Come across applications of these products
  Develop understanding of options and futures in managing various kinds of risk
  Learn the use of swaps in hedging interest rate and foreign currency risk
  Understand the use of standarad and exotic derivatives
  Learn the valuation models behind the pricing of options and swaps

Ideal Target Audience

  Emerging and High Potential Leaders who wish to sharpen their analysis skills in Financial institutions.

Learning Methodologies

Use of diverse adult learning methodologies like interactive lectures and exercises to ensure that maximum learning takes place.

PKR 50,000/- each participant

Venue: KSBL Campus

For Inquiry or Registration, please contact us at:

  UAN: (92 21) 111 11 KSBL (5725)
  PABX: (92 21) 34855382 Ext: 551, 552, 557
  Email: execed@ksbl.edu.pk     Website: www.ksbl.edu.pk
  National Stadium Road, Opposite Liaquat National Hospital, Karachi

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