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Getting More For Executives In Work And Life

May 3 - 4, 2018

Professor Stuart Diamond’s breakthrough model in Negotiation, ‘Getting More’ offers fresh and novel insights into successful negotiations for executives to create value, positive relationships and higher chances of goal achievement. Breaking away from a traditional, over-used and ineffective models of forceful bargaining, the Getting More approach insists on persistent fairness, long-term collaboration and valuing other party’s perceptions and emotions. Anchoring on contemporary knowledge of human psychology, emotional intelligence and cultural diversity, the program will impart executives with skill-set for creating high-value deals and problem solving tools for real business problems.

Learning Objectives

Among the things you will learn in two days are:
  How to add value to deals by using intangibles and managing perceptions
  Using cross-culture differences to develop opportunities
  Diffusing emotional situations for more value
  Turning hard bargainers into collaborators
  Preparing more methodically and completely for negotiations
  Adding up to four times as much value in your deals
  Learning a skill that can be applied to any situation, professional or personal

Learning Objectives

Self-Assessment, Case Studies, Problem-solving Exercises, Role Playing Unique Feature: Coaching via negotiation clinics session.

“Life-changing” is among the most common comments about the course:

Innovative. Getting More is the principal negotiation model used by Google to train its employees worldwide. More than 12,000 Googlers have been trained.

Effective. Getting More has been documented to produce a return on investment of $30,000 for each $100 spent on training with the model.

Practical. The Wall Street Journal’s career site named Getting More as “the best book to read for your career.”

Competitive. Morgan Stanley, the global investment bank, called Getting More “the negotiation model of choice for our CEO clients and staff of financial advisors.”

Best Selling. More than 1.4 million copies have been sold worldwide in 26 languages.

Broadly Applicable. The model has proved successful in dozens of countries, from Germany to China, Brazil to Saudi Arabia, South Africa to Russia, with any culture and with any activity, from billion dollar deals to raising kids to political issues.

Reduces Conflict. Getting More is used by U.S. Special Operations, the military elite (SEALs, Green Berets, Special Forces, Marines), to promote stability through better communication and human connections. More than 5,000 soldiers trained. “This…saves lives,” soldiers wrote to Prof. Diamond.

Professor Diamond’s new model, based on 25 years of research among 40,000 people in 60 countries, says that the traditional way of negotiation doesn’t work very well – power, leverage, win-win, logic, threats, walking out, invoking competition. Instead, Getting More teaches that finding and valuing the other party’s perceptions and emotions – the pictures in their heads – creates four times as much value: twice as many deals and each deal averages twice as much.

In today’s increasingly multicultural international business climate, understanding the perceptions and emotions of the other party, at the outset, produces a much higher chance of meeting ones goals and adding value. It is a model based not just on collaboration, however; it insists on fairness and extensively uses third parties and standards to make deals more long-lasting and fair over time.

1. Senior Level Executives
2. C-Suite
3. Entrepreneurs
4. Business Owners
5. Civil Services Officials

Stuart Diamond

Visiting Faculty, KSBL
Stuart Diamond has taught and advised on negotiation and cultural diversity to corporate and government leaders in more than 40 countries, including in Eastern Europe, former Soviet Republics, China, Latin America, the Middle East, Canada, South Africa and the United States. He holds an M.B.A. with honors from Wharton Business School, ranked #1 globally by The Financial Times where…

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PKR 125,000/- each participant

This fee includes:

  Programme Certificate
  Lunch with 2 teas and snacks for the duration of the programme
  Facilities and equipment

Discount Options:

  10% discount for each additional participant (after the first) from the same organisation.
  10% discount for any individual enrolling in more than two programmes during the applicable year. This is regardless of whether the person applies in an individual capacity or is nominated by an organisation.

Other Information

  Since pre-program reading may be required, it is strongly advised to send registration(s) at least 10 working days prior to the program.
  Your participation will be confirmed after receipt of full payment.
  Preferred mode of payment is by demand draft, pay order or crossed cheque in favour of Karachi School of Business & Leadership.
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