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Strategies for Strengthening Family Businesses

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“A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to the Challenges and Opportunities Facing Family Businesses”

The success of family business is contingent on dynamic management of its major challenges. Family firms are constantly faced with issues such as lack of shared vision, financial disparity among family and non-family members, and inconsistent leadership. These issues need to be addressed in parallel to the business challenges.  Therefore retaining competitive advantage for transitioning from intuitive to more formalised planning and timely adjustments in functional structure and operations becomes imperative for family businesses. This programme provides participants with insights to deal with long term horizons and farsighted goals, care of employees, an engaging culture, a focus on enduring relationships outside the firm, and the ability to make quick and bold decisions.

Some Special Features:

  This programme is a highly interactive, multi- disciplinary programme designed to help clarify your future direction.
  This programme is conducted by four high qualified KSBL resident faculty members who are integrating and leveraging their areas of specialization to have a high impact on the local family businesses not only in short but also in the long term.
  Faculty Round Table is an integral part of the programme and is designed to enable the participants to individually benefit by accessing our permanent faculty constituting the KSBL ADVANTAGE.

Learning Methodologies

Use of diverse adult learning methodologies like interactive lectures, exercises, foreign and local case studies, faculty round table and group activity to ensure that maximum learning takes place and participants leave with clarity for their future direction.

Key Takeaways

Strategic Management in Family Businesses

  Grasp the three dimensions for success of a family enterprise (family, business and ownership).
  Understand the transition from families to corporate businesses and  from intuitive to planning modes.
  Learn the importance of strategic management for family businesses.
  Explore the transition from intuitive to planning modes.
  Manage relationship of succession and role definition with ownership.
  Align strategic goals with functional structure and operations.

Marketing and Brand Promotion

  Recognise the importance of marketing and branding for value creation.
  Learn how to build your family business brand.
  Assess the role of marketing in developing family business strategy.

Financial Management

  Comprehend the factors that lead to profitability and sustainability.
  Learn to assess and manage financial health of a family business.
  Develop an understanding of value creation in the context of family businesses.
  Analyse ways for rational distribution of wealth among family and non-family members.

Role of Leadership in Family Businesses

  Energise the role of effective leadership for strengthening family business.
  Create greater cooperation among family and non-family executives
  Develop family and non-family executives both as core resources.
  Inculcate the characteristics of impactful leadership among potential successors.
  Inculcate the characteristics of impactful leadership among potential successors.


Day 1
  Three Dimensional Model of Family Business.
  Value Creation through Strategic Marketing.
  Building your Family Business Brand.
  Challenges of Transition from Family to Corporate Business.

Day 2
  Understanding Financial Complexities.
  Creating Value through Financial Decision-Making.
  Parameters of Strategic Management.
  Leadership Roles in Family Businesses.
  Faculty Round Table.

Day 3
  Developing High Performance Capabilities.
  Resolving Key Conflicts in Family Businesses.


This programme welcomes participation of owners and other members of business families; senior executives involved with family firms; and board members, advisors and partners of family businesses.  This programme will be especially beneficial if more than one member of the family and/or senior executives working in a family business attend it.

Interactive nature – Knowing issues – Identifying where company is, through the 3-D model!”

Strategic Family Business Programme Alumnus 2012

PKR 90,000/- each participant

We recommend the participation by family teams of two or more individuals from the same organisation. You may also find it useful to include a non-family executive in your team. We offer 10% discount on two participants, 15 % for three, and 20 % on four and above from the same organisation.

For Inquiry or Registration, please contact us at:

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  Email: execed@ksbl.edu.pk     Website: www.ksbl.edu.pk

KSBL reserves the right to make changes in the programme, policies, dates and fees at any time.

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