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Business Ethics

31 July - 01 August, 2018

How and why do organizations – and managers – sometimes make unethical decisions that hurt the firm’s long-term future? How can identifying virtues and encouraging employees to stick to professional values help an organization achieve its performance objectives?
Attending and participating in this executive education program on business ethics will provide some answers to these questions. Additionally, it will:

  Make you aware about different types of ethical issues that occur at different levels in business organizations
  Equip you with the tools, frameworks and theories that can be helpful for you as an individual and as a manager within a Pakistani organization

Some managers see ethics as ‘personal opinion’ rather than good management. However, we, at KSBL, conceptualize ethics as an ongoing conversation about human interrelationships, so it is as much a part of management as finance, accounting, and organizational behavior. Ethics concerns how our actions affect each other and influence the choices that we make for ourselves and for others.

Taking on the role of a manager and ethical decision-maker in fast moving case discussions, group exercises, presentations and role-playing games, you will explore the costs and benefits of various ethical decisions along with discovering a practical toolkit to help you foster an ethical organization. Please note that it is easy to generate an intense discussion in ethics education but our objective is to generate light instead of heat.

Key Benefits

This program will help you in your objective of becoming an even more successful and ethically responsible leader.

Key Topics

  Introduction to business ethics
  Business ethics in action
  Ethical decision making in practice
  Shareholder perspectives: The purpose of business
  Employee perspectives
  Customer perspectives


Executives who want to be aware of different types of ethical issues that arise in business organizations and who want to learn the tools, skills, and knowledge to be a force for positive change.

Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed

Dean, KSBL
Associate Professor of Finance
PhD, Mississippi State University, USA
CFA, MBA (IBA Karachi)

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Dr. Shoaib Ul-Haq

Assistant Professor of Digital Economy, KSBL
PhD, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan
MBA, Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany

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PKR 50,000/- each participant

This fee includes:

  Programme Certificate
  Lunch with 2 teas and snacks for the duration of the programme
  Facilities and equipment

Discount Options:

  10% discount for each additional participant (after the first) from the same organisation.
  10% discount for any individual enrolling in more than two programmes during the applicable year. This is regardless of whether the person applies in an individual capacity or is nominated by an organisation.

Other Information

  Since pre-programme reading may be required, it is strongly advised to send registration(s) at least 10 working days prior to the programme.
  Your participation will be confirmed after receipt of full payment.
  Preferred mode of payment is by demand draft, pay order or crossed cheque in favour of Karachi School of Business & Leadership.
  KSBL Executive Education reserves the right to change the programmes, fees and dates.