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Communicating with Impact

Jan 21 - 22, 2020 (2 days)


Words matter. The same message can be more or less effective depending on how you deliver it. In the very short term, this can be achieved by various tricks with which orators and marketers are familiar. The secret of communicating with impact, however, is building transformative relationships. This workshop gives you the tools to develop your emotional intelligence so that you can master human relationships.


Emotional intelligence is the capacity to perceive and manage the emotions behind any communication or interaction.
Effective communicators don’t just convey information: they tap into emotions in order to make a connection and leave a memorable impression.

The Six Rules
Emotional intelligence can be developed through the six rules of communicating with impact:

  Listen: Listen before you speak.
  Give: Give before you take.
  Connect: Identify and honor what you have in common with your audience.
  Imagine: Imagine a better world.
  Invite: Invite your audience to build a better world.
  Love: Love your audience and wish them well.

Practical Applicability

The insights will be translated into practice through several exercises:

  Four dialogues
  Active listening
  Connection circle
  What’s in a handshake?

Common workplace scenarios will bring these skills to life:

  Introduce yourself
  Inspire your team
  Persuade your boss
  Make a business case or investment pitch

Competencies Covered

  Written expression
  Verbal expression
  Body language
  Digital literacy

Learning Methodology

Lectures, Videos, Self-Assessment, Case Studies, Problem-solving Exercises, Role Playing etc.


  Senior managers in corporate organizations
  Managers in corporate organizations
  Marketing and communication professionals


Abdur-Rahman Syed

Visiting Faculty, KSBL
Executive Director, Algebra, UAE
BA Honors, Harvard University, USA

Mr. Syed is a brand strategist, communications expert and executive director at the UAE-based advisory firm Algebra. As a KSBL visiting faculty member, he teaches management communication to MBA and EMBA students.
He has fifteen years of industry experience in strategy and marketing roles in the Islamic finance and investment industry, namely at the HSBC Group and the Dubai based private equity group Fajr Capital. He has also served clients across Brunei, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UK and US in the investment, Hajj and umrah, education and philanthropy sectors (including the Brunei Prime Minister’s Office, the Governor of Madinah, the Islamic Development Bank and the Makkah-based Jabal Omar Development Company).
Mr. Syed has a bachelor’s degree in politics and religion from Harvard University, with additional studies in political science and philosophy at the University of Chicago and Boston University. He currently lives in Sharjah with his wife and children.

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