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Personal Excellence

November 27 - 28 , 2018

Our personal excellence learning program will equip individuals with skills and knowledge that will help them advance in both, their personal and professional lives.

This two day program is designed to help attendees discover their win-win code. It will enlighten them with tactics and strategies to get through any limitation and to create quality of life they desire, by outdoing their own confines.

The facilitators will also discuss about how through self-awareness and positive attitude towards life one can unlock his true potential.

Learning Methodology

Lectures, Videos, Self-Assessment, Case Studies, Problem-solving Exercises, Role Playing etc.

Value Proposition

The course employs conventional wisdom, as well as cutting-edge research in psychology and management, to explore the mindset, traits and behavioral patterns of highly successful people. These excellence-driven individuals not only stand out for their lifetime achievements but also for their highly-valued contributions to their organizations and communities.

Taking this program may be the start of an inspiring journey for attendees, to create a positive impact on different facets of their life and bring stability in relationships. It will not just encourage them to have a positive perspective but will also escalate their performance level in their organizations and communities.

Key Takeaways

Personal excellence isn’t just one skill, it is an attitude that goes together in mastering various other critically important skills.

The good news is that there are some clear and actionable takeaways from evidence-based research and conventional wisdom that we can use to transform ourselves to become highly effective and excellence-oriented not just for our own sake but for the institutions and communities in which we work and live.

  Exploring your own self and learning to focus on your dreams & aspirations can make life more meaningful and enhance your performance level at work.
  Understanding difference between one’s sphere of influence & sphere of concern to elevate level of efficiency & focus
  Embracing growth mindset that enables attendees to unlock their full potential as a human
  Balancing different critical roles in life. Framework for harmonizing the 4 domains that you live in: Work, Family, Community & Self
  Learning to be more agile & intelligent emotionally, to channelize passions and emotions to perform more effectively
  Adapting to an empowering daily routine to realize your true potential and dreams
  Understanding concept of “Keystone Habits” & learning its impact on your life
  Learning techniques to develop life-long Keystone Habits
  Using Mind Sciences concept of “Rider & the Elephant” to train your brain to adapt to good habits.


Target Audience

C-Suite Executives, Senior Officials from the Private Sector, Public Sector (BS 17 & above), Entrepreneurs.

Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed

Dean, KSBL
Associate Professor, Finance & Accounting
PhD, Mississippi State University, USA
CFA, MBA (IBA Karachi)

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Dr. Muhammad Imran

Visiting Faculty Member, KSBL
Head of Islamic Banking
National Bank of Oman
Ph.D. (Economics)
University of Karachi

Dr Imran has a unique combination of work experience in corporate sector in Middle East, Pakistan as well as in academia. He has over 20 years of experience of working at senior level positions at Philips, Shell, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank Islami, UBL and National Bank of Oman.

Dr. Imran has been a visiting faculty member of IBA, Karachi for more than 17 years. He has conducted Personal Excellence workshops in Pakistan as well as in Oman.

Specialization & Research Interests:
Integrated Marketing Communications, Game Theory, Behavioral Economics, Islamic Finance & Personal Excellence.

PKR 50,000/- each participant

This fee includes:

  Programme Certificate
  Lunch with 2 teas and snacks for the duration of the programme
  Facilities and equipment

Discount Options:

  10% discount for each additional participant (after the first) from the same organisation.
  10% discount for any individual enrolling in more than two programmes during the applicable year. This is regardless of whether the person applies in an individual capacity or is nominated by an organisation.

Other Information

  Since pre-programme reading may be required, it is strongly advised to send registration(s) at least 10 working days prior to the programme.
  Your participation will be confirmed after receipt of full payment.
  Preferred mode of payment is by demand draft, pay order or crossed cheque in favour of Karachi School of Business & Leadership.
  KSBL Executive Education reserves the right to change the programmes, fees and dates.