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Building and Marketing Brands

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Building powerful brands continues to be the most challenging frontier of marketing.
Brands are becoming more numerous and the markets more competitive.
It is critical for businesses to build and successfully manage brands in order to survive in today's challenging environment.


Understanding how a brand creates value is the key to maintaining market leadership or establishing it in the first place. The concept of customer based brand equity can provide marketers with valuable perspective and a common denominator to interpret the potential effects and tradeoffs of various strategies and tactics for their brands.

Charting the course for successful brand management requires a multifaceted perspective, even if it is delivered through one brand. A connected and holistic approach to brand management is prerequisite. While it is essential that companies establish distinctive brands in their marketing plans, they must also emphasize differentiation and trust when marketing the branded product.

The power of the brand and its ultimate value to the firm resides with customers. It is through their learning about and their experiences with a brand that they end up thinking and acting in a way that allows the firm to reap the benefits of brand equity.

This four and a half day programme on building and managing brands aims to provide a comprehensive and state-of-the-art thinking about the subjects of brands, brand equity, and strategic brand management - the design and implementation of brand management programmes and activities to build and manage customer based brand equity.

Special Features

1. First key feature of the programme is the practical understanding of the Customer Based Brand Equity Pyramid which provides a comprehensive means of covering important branding topics, as well as useful insights and guidelines to help marketers set strategic direction and inform their brand-related decisions.

2. Second key feature of the programme is the most up-to-date simulation which will provide opportunity for the participants to practice and learn key facets of modern day brand management (including launching new brands, innovation and development of brands, competitive positioning and re-positioning, market research and data analysis, advertising and distribution channel management) in highly competitive and dynamic markets.

Learning Methodologies

The programme delivery platform consists of case studies of leading brands, markstrat simulation and interactive group discussions.


  Understanding brands and modern day branding challenges and opportunities.
  Foundations of successful brands.
  Understanding customer value disciplines.
  Establishing strong brand value chains.
  Determinants of strong customer-based brand equity
  The steps of strong brand building.
  Tracking critical aspects of brand equity using market information.
  Managing brands over time.
  Market research methods.
  Developing and using brand report cards and perceptual maps.
  Launching new successful brands and brand extensions.
  Integrative Strategy


This programme is meant for senior business executives, marketing specialists, brand managers, executives from advertising and promotions industry, managers from media and communication sector, managers from non governmental organisations who desire to deepen their understanding of latest brand equity management concepts and practice.

Participating Organisations

Aga Khan University Hospital
Allied Bank Limited
Dabur - Pakistan
English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt) Limited
Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited
Hilton Pharma Private Limited
ICI Pakistan Limited
K- Electric Limited
National Foods Limited


"Meaningful and valuable experience."
  Dr. Zeelaf Munir
English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt) Limited
"It was the best way of learning in a very competitive and pressurized environment in which you had to take right decision to take your company forward. Overall an excellent learning experience."
  Waqas Anjum
Hilton Pharma Private Limited
"It is an excellent programme for executives."
  Ubaid Ur Rehman
ICI Pakistan Limited
"Excellent, worth it!"
  Sumair Saleem
National Foods Limited

Faculty Profiles

Dr. Jawaid Ghani

Professor of Strategy and Marketing Research, KSBL
PhD, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School)
SB Comp. Engg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
SB Mgt Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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PKR 90,000/- per participant

Venue: KSBL Campus

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KSBL reserves the right to make changes in the programme, policies, dates and fee at any time.

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