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People Management

Creating High Performance Teams

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A Pragmatic Approach using Neuroscience and Psychology for Outstanding Teamwork and Collaboration Read More

Leading High Performance Teams for Growth and Change

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Large organizations, enormous budgets, well defined policies and procedures, huge infrastructure, high tech equipment and yet facing challenges.
Teamwork is the spirit that organisations need to utilize all resources efficiently in order to witness their dream growth. Building and Leading high performance teams are the most cumbersome challenges a manager comes across and continues to struggle to achieve growth and implement change. Read More

Managing People in Organizations

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This innovative program will guide the participants to discover the importance of emotions, emotion regulation and self-discipline in the workplace. It will also explore the interdependence of these elements as they influence decision-making and well-being in an organisation. The program will show how and why regulating workplace emotions is critical for achievement of corporate objectives and how management can play its part by effectively managing and motivating people. Read More