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Reconnecting with Strategy Formulation & Execution

November 10 - 12, 2020


The COVID-19 crisis has forced companies to alter their methods and find new ways to reach out to their customers. In light of these challenging times, corporate leaders have found themselves in a perplexing situation as they try to recalibrate their companies according to the ‘new normal’. Needless to say, the success of these companies strictly hinges on their ability to formulate clear-cut, precise strategies.

However, according to corporate research, most executives fail to articulate the objectives, scope, and advantages of their business in a simple statement. On the hand, executives who seamlessly tackle these questions are often known for managing the most successful companies in their industry.

Companies that are unable to formulate clear and concise strategies are likely to fall behind on their execution. This leads to an overall air of dissatisfaction and frustration among organizations, executives, frontline employees who suffer because of poorly communicated strategic objectives in their lines of business.


Strategy is an integrated set of choices that positions a firm to successfully compete in an industry and generate superior financial returns over the long run. The essence of strategy is to outperform your rivals by opting for a distinct approach. Consequently, Strategy Formulation is the part of the strategy process that involves continually gathering insights about the industry and the market, weighing alternatives, and developing imperatives.

While, Strategy Execution is the part of the process which is concerned with carrying out strategy—turning the integrated set of choices into action. It involves continually aligning organizational tasks, structures, processes, and capabilities to sustain superior competitive performance. This continual alignment involves orchestrating organization’s existing capabilities as well as its culture—and developing new ones. What’s crucial here is the interdependent and continual nature of both strategy formulation and execution. Most companies fail to connect the dots and simply believe that strategy formulation and execution are separate processes conducted sequentially.

Key Takeaways

After attending this program, participants will be able to:
  Increase their understanding of the complexity of operating a company from strategic and general management perspective
  Devise and implement effective strategies for organizational success in national and global marketplace
  Evaluate market trends to generate insight and stay ahead of competitors
  Enhance fact-based analytical decision making skills and predict financial implications of business decisions
  Foster teamwork and a culture of problem solving in a dynamically evolving marketplace

Learning Methodology

Lectures, Videos, Case Studies, Problem-solving Exercises and Simulation

Target Audience

  Enterprise Leaders (ENL)
  Head of Organization
  C-Suite Leaders (CSL)
  Emerging Leaders (EML)
  High Potential Leaders (HPL)
  Potential Leaders Being Groomed for
  Leadership Position


Dr. Muhammad Nadeem Javaid

Professor of Practice (Economic Policy & Strategy)
Former Chief Economist, Government of Pakistan

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Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed

Dean, KSBL
Associate Professor of Finance, KSBL
Ph.D., Mississippi State University, USA

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Program Fee: 75,000/- each participant

Discount Options:

  10% discount for each additional participant (after the first) from the same organisation.
  10% discount for any individual enrolling in more than two programmes during the applicable year. This is regardless of whether the person applies in an individual capacity or is nominated by an organisation.
Other Information
  Since pre-programme reading is required, it is strongly advised to send registration(s) at least 10 working days prior to the programme
  Your participation will be confirmed after receipt of full payment
  Preferred mode of payment is by demand draft, pay order or crossed cheque in favour of Karachi Education Initiative
  For any organisation, after the first registration, a 10% discount is available for all additional seats in the programme
  KSBL Executive Education will be announcing more programmes other than the ones listed above
  KSBL Executive Education reserves the right to change the programmes, fees and dates

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