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Dr. Tariq Basheer

Acting Registrar
Professor of Accounting and Finance
PhD, Washington University
MSc, London School of Economics (LSE)
MBA, Anderson Management School

Dr. Tariq Basheer is Professor of Accounting and Finance at KSBL. He holds a PhD from Washington University, MSc from London School of Economics (LSE) and MBA from Anderson Management School.

He has a long and distinguished record of academic scholarship, educational leadership and commercial experience. He has taught at a number of leading international universities. He has also been serving as a visiting faculty member at many European institutions as a guest speaker and lecturer. Moreover Dr Basheer has designed impactful academic curriculums and training programs.

Besides his diverse contribution in improvement of academia, he has also set up the Finance Research Centre in Corporate Performance. To elevate the return on investment (ROI) and improve human performance in organizations, he has also provided various influential solutions in the areas of accounting and management, respectively.

Dr Basheer is also renowned for his wide consultation in globally existing commerce and non-profit organizations, including Blockbuster, Woolworths, Austin Reed and Ford. Furthermore he also played a vital role in boosting a number of businesses in Eastern Europe as they transitioned from a controlled to a free market economy.

Dr Basheer is a part of Mc Graw Hill institute as an author and a book reviewer. He holds a deep commitment to developing graduates with world-class leadership and management skills. His current interests lie in the application of behavioural science to business and public policy decision-making as well as Chinese philosophy and business management.

Dr Basheer encourages conventional thinking in the 21st century. He is of the opinion that in today’s era it is essential for leaders to be creative and innovative and therefore encourages students to engage in rigorous debates and dialogues and exercise judgements with conventional approach in challenging situations.