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Dr. Muhammad Nadeem Javaid

Professor of Practice
Former Chief Economist, Government of Pakistan
PhD Economics, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France
MS/M. Phil Innovation & Industrial Dynamics, IAE-NICE, France

Dr. Nadeem Javaid holds a PhD in Economics and MS in Innovation and Industrial Dynamics from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France. Dr. Javaid has eighteen years of experience in higher education, financial industry and economic policy formulation. Prior to
joining the Government as Chief Economist, he was a Faculty Member and Associate Dean at Karachi School for Business and Leadership. He also worked at Suleman Dawood School of Business, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and SKEMA Business School (France) where he
taught Economic Policy, Innovation Strategy, Organization and Dynamics of Financial System, Financial
Markets and Issues in Corporate Finance to its executive and
postgraduate programs. Furthermore, Dr Javaid has central banking experience at the State Bank of Pakistan where he conducted compliance and risk-based on-site inspections of banks/non-banking financial institutions using the CAMELS framework. He also worked as a member of the Working Group on Regulatory Reforms, Economic Reforms Unit of the Ministry of Finance and an Advisor to the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform (Government of Pakistan).

During his PhD, he remained associated with the Group of Research on Law, Economics and Management at National Center for Scientific Research (GREDEG-CNRS), Sophia Antipolis, France. His PhD dissertation highlights the role of the financial sector in driving successful technological change in an economic system. Dr. Javaid has presented his research work at several peer reviewed international conferences. He has published his research in the Journal of Evolutionary Economics. In addition to this, several other articles are under review in reputed international journals.

Research & Teaching Interests

Dr. Javaid firmly believes that technology is an imperative determinant of economic growth; whereas technological change takes place in the framework of a complex process of institutional embeddedness, in which policies and institutions co-evolve with the macroeconomic environments. Therefore, he contends that differences among financial institutions and financial sector policies within the framework of “national system of innovation” have strong potential to explain the nature and causes of the differences of the wealth of nations. Following this context his research and teaching interests revolve around Financial System, Macroeconomics, Business Government Relations, Innovation & Technological Change, Industrial Organization and Corporate Strategy.
Dr. Javaid has presented his research work at several International peer reviewed conferences including 13th Schumpeter Society Conference (Aalborg, Denmark), 8th GLOBELICS Conference (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), 6th GLOBELICS Conference (Mexico City), 3rd Thematic Meeting of the French Economic Association (Sophia Antipolis, France) and 5th GLOBELICS Academy on Innovation and Development (Tempere, Finland).

Journal Articles

Javaid, M.N., and Saviotti, P.P.(2012), “Financial System and Technological Catching-up: An Empirical Analysis; Is there a recipe for increasing the export variety of nations?” Forthcoming Special Issue of Journal of Evolutionary Economics.
Book Chapter # 21 in “Long Term Economic Development, Economic Complexity and Evolution” Authors, Javaid, M.N., and Saviotti, P.P. (2013), Edited by A. Pyka and E.S. Andersen, Springer- Verlag Berlin Heidelberg Germany.

Conference Papers

Javaid, M.N., Iftikhar, M.N. (2011), “What drives the quality of institutions in Asian economies? Directions for economic reforms”, 27th Annual Conference of the Pakistan Society of Development Economists, Marriot, Islamabad, December, 13-15.

Javaid, M.N.,(2010), “Financial system and technological change: An investigation into the wealth of nations”, 8th GLOBELICS International Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 1-3.

Saviotti, P.P., Nesta, L. and Javaid, M.N.,(2010), “Export variety and the catching-up of countries”, 8th GLOBELICS International Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 1-3.

Javaid, M.N. and Saviotti, P.P.,(2010), “Financial system and technological catching-up; an empirical analysis: Is there a recipe for increasing the export variety of the countries?” 13th International Schumpeter Society Conference, Aalborg University, Denmark, June 21-24.

Javaid, M.N. and Saviotti, P.P.,(2009), “Financial system and technological change; organization & dynamics: An overview” 3rd Thematic Meeting of the French Economic Association on firms, markets and innovation at Sophia Antipolis, France, June 25-26.

Saviotti, P.P., Nesta, L. and Javaid, M.N., (2008), “Is there a direction in economic development? And, if so, what does it imply for emerging countries?” 6th GLOBELICS International Conference, Mexico City Sept. 22-24.

Javaid, M.N., (2008), “Financial system, corporate diversification and technological catching-up: South-Korea; an imitator to innovator” 5th GLOBELICS International PhD Academy on Innovation and Development, University of Tempere, Finland, June 02-13.