Hussain Dawood in an exclusive session with MBA 2018

Mr. Hussain Dawood, Chairman, Karachi Education Initiative (KEI) and Karachi School of Business & Leadership (KSBL), in his exclusive session with MBA batch 2018 and Alumni, shared the story behind KSBL and the vision of the Institute. While addressing the students he emphasized on ‘character building’ and said, ‘The premise of this school is character building. It is the character and honesty that helps a person weather the storms of life, make the right decisions, and follow a consistent path.’ He reiterated that KSBL students are expected to be business professionals with exceptional character and an intense desire to do something for the country.

The chairman also spoke about success and the enduring ability to believe in getting back up again after every fall. He said, ‘life is a journey, and the important part of this journey is where you want to be and what you want to achieve. And to do this, you need to work hard and remain focused!’ He advised the students to write their success goals and objectives and encouraged them to think of success factors for a lifetime during their stay at KSBL.

Hussain Dawood In An Exclusive Session With MBA 2018

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