Hussain Dawood Speaks at MAP’s Seminar about ‘Redefining Leadership – Transforming Pakistan’

Mr. Hussain Dawood, Chairman, Karachi School for Business and Leadership addressed a seminar organized by the Marketing Association of Pakistan (MAP), titled ‘Redefining Leadership – Transforming Pakistan’.

The seminar was part of MAP’s series ‘PAKISTAN – Islands of Excellence’, which is held every month and invites icons from various industries and the civil society to share their experience and thoughts on how they believe Pakistan can be transformed into a progressive and successful state.

Mr. Masood Hashmi, President Marketing Association of Pakistan, gave an impressive introduction of the guest speaker. In a very analytical and motivating dialogue, Mr. Hussain Dawood underlined the challenges faced by Pakistan and highlighted formal and informal education as a long term solution; formal education to develop expertise and skills and informal education to develop ethics, integrity and a good value system. He emphasized upon the importance of teamwork and stressed that the civil society should come together to develop institutions as centres of excellence to educate people.

He also said, ‘We want to take education to scale. The Karachi School for Business & Leadership (KSBL) is the first institution that has entered into a strategic collaboration with the University of Cambridge in its 800 years history. This collaboration ensures that world-class education, customized to Pakistan’s business environment is imparted from day one at KSBL.’ Mr. Talib Karim, Secretary MAP, summed up the discussion in his closing note.

It was a very inspiring speech by Mr. Hussain Dawood and left a great impact on a full house audience of members of MAP who thoroughly enjoyed this interactive discourse.
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