Intellectual Property Rights Event

11th October, 2018: KSBL hosted a session on International Property Rights conducted by Mr. Ammar Naseer (Company Secretary – Unilever Pakistan), as a part of its DEC (Developing Executive Capabilities) program. Mr. Ammar Naseer gave students an overview regarding the IPR and explained them their practical applications.

He started off the session with insights on Intellectual Property Rights and their importance. While discussing the role of IPR in corporate sector, he shared that governance of IPR in corporate is all about defining rules. He shared that IPR of any company defines the process by which the decisions are implemented within distinct departments. Ideally this process distinguishes between the strategic and tactical decisions. He also emphasized that in any organization the good governance cultures are marked by consistency, responsibility, accountability, fairness and effectiveness. Furthermore, he also explained the differences between patent, copyrights and how crucial it is for any brand to secure its trademarks and designs.

Mr. Naseer while shedding light on the devastating effects of piracy on economy shared, “In an economy where ideas keep getting copied there comes a point when element of creativity completely disappears. That’s when its deterioration starts and the situation gets alarming.” He also stressed that theft to intellectual property should be discouraged in Pakistan. It is unfair to the employees who put their heart and soul in creating something exclusive gets ripped off in months due to degrading practice of piracy.

From an entrepreneurial perspective, he expressed that for any startup it is vital to have mutual understanding between co-founders. They must protect their business identity, business name and all their prospective ideas for its advancement.

The engaging question and answers session marked the conclusion of the event. Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed (Dean, KSBL) presented Mr. Ammar Naseer with a memento and applauded him for his remarkable knowledge on the topic with students.

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