J.J visits KSBL

KSBL organised a Guest Speaker Session with Mr. Junaid Jamshed, an Entrepreneur and Religious Preacher, on February 17, 2014, who discussed Islam as a religion with the audience and shed light on the way one should spend their life according to the Islamic teachings. The session proved to be an eye opener for many, as it encouraged them to reflect on their lives and inspired them to adopt Islamic perspective of worldly affairs.

The auditorium was filled with Mr. Jamshed’s fans, who is renowned for his musical career and his fashionable apparel brand named after himself,” J.” The preacher highlighted how basic and practical principles of Islam can help people lead a simple and fulfilled life. He drew analogies between the Islamic history and modern times to help audience comprehend and relate to his perception of Islamic life.

Apart from this, Mr. Jamshed explained the relevance of religious cognizance in strengthening the economy of Pakistan and the importance of ethics in the business world. He explained, “Profit maximisation is ultimately in the hands of Allah Almighty, it’s His to give and His to take – for as long as KSBL is teaching you ethics and integrity as a part of your MBA course, it is creating a generation of entrepreneurs and leaders we can trust.”

The session was open for KSBL students and staff.
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