KSBL alumnus’ initiative PriceOye.pk is now the leading price comparison startup in Pakistan’s lucrative e-commerce market

E-commerce in Pakistan is on the brink of a remarkable boom. The market is currently estimated to be worth around $100 million, and is expected to be worth as much as $1 billion in three years by 2020.

Adnan Shaffi, a graduate of KSBL’s prestigious MBA program and an Internet entrepreneur, launched his price comparison startup PriceOye.pk early in 2016. Today, it is the leading startup of its kind in the country, and is set to be a major player in Pakistan’s imminent e-commerce boom.

PriceOye.pk allows users to see automatically updated, real market prices of mobile phones sold in trusted online stores. Every smartphone available in the market is listed — whether it is the latest Galaxy S phone or all Oppo mobiles. The website enables you to instantly find the lowest price, along with relevant warranty and shipment details. Doing so saves several steps for consumers who would otherwise need to individually visit each store, and compare notes for themselves.

The startup has been featured on Dawn.com, Singapore-based e27, ProPakistani to name a few prestigious publications. It attracts several hundred thousand visitors every month who generate nearly Rs. 20 crores in leads for online stores — truly amazing numbers.

“We certainly wouldn’t have made it this far, this fast if it weren’t for the pragmatic knowledge and amazing mentorship I received at KSBL” says Adnan, who is the co-founder and CEO of the company.

The PriceOye.pk website users see today is said to be a mere 5% of Adnan and team’s vision for the startup. The eventual plan is to make PriceOye a one-stop shop for shopping needs of Pakistanis.

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