KSBL Career Services Offices initiates Competency Based Assessment Module

KSBL organized Competency Based Assessment for students to gauge their competencies through Role Play Exercise. Participants from KSBL MBA Class of 2019 were assessed by evaluators from top notch companies of Pakistan like IBM, Maersk, Dabur, Midas Safety, Shan Foods, Dewan Cement Kellogs and Telenor Bank.

The session kicked off with students being provided with hypothetical situations. Prior to event, students were briefed regarding their roles, so that they can prepare themselves and formulate smart answers accordingly.
By the end of exercise, assessors gave their feedback on the basis of which students were scored for cumulative results. The valuable critique by them will help students groom into better professionals and become capable of tactfully handling the real pressurizing situations, they might get exposed later.

The individuals who were the part of our assessment panel included Wasif Ejaz (IBM), Irfan (Midas Safety), Paasham Shaikh (Shan Foods), Sabeen Ahmed (Deewan Cements), Ayesha Saleem (IBM), Dr. Athar Siddiqui (Director Dean), Salman Ahmed (Maersk), Taimour Abdullah(Dabur), Bushra Zaidi (Director – Students Services), Roohi Jamal (Shan Foods), Ali Taj Dewan Cements, Shareq Rehman (Kellogs), Afifa (Telenor Bank), Qamar Bilal Syed (Shan Foods).

The exhilarating session ended on a positive note with an incredibly positive response by the participants. The overall activity offered a learning experience to the students. It helped them recognize their weak spots on which they can work on, before they enter into the competitive market.

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