KSBL conducted a Session on Communicating with Impact at PTCL

The Karachi School of Business & Leadership conducted a session on Communicating with Impact, under its Corporate Keynote initiative, at PTCL. The session was delivered by Mr. Abdur Rahman Sayed (Executive Director, Algebra, UAE).

While explaining business communication from organizational context, Mr. Rahman shared that this form of communication does not remain confined to maintaining external contacts, but also within the organization. He highlighted that in order to communicate well it is crucial for an employee to be a good listener. Moreover he also shared tips and techniques with participants regarding verbal and writing skills, for better articulation of ideas and conveyance of messages with their co-workers and prospective clients.

Communication undoubtedly plays a crucial role in career development of professionals. Mr. Rahman emphasized that the managers or executives, capable of delivering their ideas with comfort and clarity, are the ones able to contribute the most in organization’s development and success.

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