KSBL Conducted a Session on How to Become Chief Happiness Officer by Arshad Shamsi (Certified Corporate Happiness Coach – Orenda, Netherlands)

A session on “Happiness at Work” was held at KSBL, by Mr. Arshad Shamsi (Certified Corporate Happiness Coach – Orenda, Netherlands). Emphasizing on contented and happy work environment, Mr. Shamsi shared that in any firm it is crucial to spread the “power of giving”, to instigate happiness in employees & organizations so that they become more purpose driven and lead a meaningful life at work, and personally as well.

Furthermore, he stressed on using all the available resources to make the workforce genuinely happy to enable them to work in synergies. He also advised that in any organization the management should only believe in focusing on the strengths of every employee, so that everyone feels happy in contributing to the mutual objectives and goals of company.
The energetic session ended on a high note and was well received by all participants.

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