KSBL Conducted a Training Session on Enhancing Leadership Capabilities at Lucky Cement

22nd November 2018: As a part of its Corporate Keynote Initiative, KSBL recently conducted a training session on Enhancing Leadership Capabilities at Lucky Cement. The session was conducted by Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed (Dean, KSBL), that revolved around concepts of leadership and visionary goals of employees and organizations, for their rapid career development and company progress, respectively. Furthermore, Dr. Zeeshan shared helping tips and techniques with participants to harness leadership potential, conducive for them to achieve higher goals.

He also shared his thoughts on having a vision for an organization, in the light of Jim Collin’s theory on achieving higher objectives, and learnings of various other prominent visionaries from history. He shared that only those organizations have the best shot to progress that have a well-crafted vision; to back the workforce and company goals. Moreover he said that in life with an impaired vision, one will always be lost on personal and professional grounds both.

While emphasizing on training of employees through workshops and skills upgrading programs, he shared that through these mediums they will come on same front as a team together, to lead the company together towards its vision.

The enriching session served as a great platform for participants for their self-evaluation and to re-strategize their goals, within their own capacities.

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