KSBL Conducted an Insightful Two-Day Workshop on Personal Excellence

KSBL conducted a two-day workshop on PersonalExcellence, by Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed (Dean, KSBL) & Dr. Muhammad Imran (Head of Islamic Banking, National Bank of Oman – Visiting Faculty, KSBL).

The two-day workshop involved different self-evaluation exercises that focused on escalating confidence, creativity and problem-solving capabilities of participants.

The workshop was an amalgamation of case studies & simulations that focused on enhancing confidence level, creativity, resourcefulness and decision making capabilities of participants. Moreover it provided them the opportunity to explore their individual strengths and become capable of devising refined strategies to pursue their dreams and lead a purposeful life.

In the view of Self Awareness, Prioritization, Strategy-Making, Assertiveness and Execution, Dr. Zeeshan conducted different exercises and gave examples of exalting personalities from history & recent times, to encourage participants to be more focused & resilient, to pursue their dreams. Moreover he also shared analytical frameworks for envisioning solutions for their problems and weighing multiple alternatives for them.

Moreover, Dr. Imran’s session focused on the ability of human mind to make critical decisions in the time of uncertainty and pressure. He discussed the characteristics of rational decision makers with different examples and shared various decision analysis procedures with participants, to inculcate better decision making competencies in them.

By the end of the session Dr. Zeeshan shared inspirational books with participants for higher strategic acumen and drive their organizational performance, within their capacities.

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