KSBL Conducted an Interactive Session on Business Ethics at TPL Corp. Ltd

To apprise participants with importance of ‘Business Ethics’ in organizations, KSBL as part of its successful Corporate Keynote Initiative conducted a session at TPL Corp. Ltd. Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed (Dean, KSBL) delivered the session, where he talked about role of business ethics in corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.

In the beginning of session, Dr. Zeeshan talked about importance of Business Ethics in organizations, to maintain strong bonds between employees, customers and investors.

Discussing about development of trust between co-workers and management within an organization, he shared that ethical guidelines create a much productive environment at workplaces. According to him the reputation of any organization is one of its most crucial assets and it is an ultimate responsibility of every employee to secure it; as once damaged, it is hard to be restored.

He emphasized that with persistent ethical behavior and set of ethical principles for employees, a company can build a good reputation. He also shared that the potential Investors and shareholders for any organization also get attracted to companies that adhere to their moral guidelines. This positive image of an organization in the market, subsequently contributes in further growth.

Highlighting need of ethical environment in companies, Dr. Zeeshan shared that individuals tend to stay in organizations for a longer period that religiously adhere to its moral principles. He also added that in ethical culture employees’ work more honestly and with integrity, which in turn benefit the organization. Furthermore he encouraged that companies should create workshops that improve ethical culture and problem-solving skills of employees.

By the end of session the response of participants was overwhelmingly positive and it was concluded with engaging questions and answers.

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