KSBL Conducted Course on Digital Entrepreneurship: Using Digital Technologies to Start New Ventures

To acquaint students with the digital economy fundamentals in order to enable them to launch a digital venture, KSBL conducted a course on Digital Entrepreneurship; taught by the esteemed Dr. Shoaib-Ul-Haq (Assistant Professor and Chair of the Department – Innovation & Digital Economy, KSBL).

The objectives of course involved keeping students abreast of evolving demands and challenges of digital economy, the latest technologies that it has to offer, followed by training of students to efficiently execute their innovative ideas. Through this course students were updated with skills to design a workable business plan that will serve as stepping stone for starting a new business.

This course also involved engaging exercises like Digital Rocket Pitch, designing a Business Pan and Financial Plan, to enable students acquire a better understanding of the digital economy and entrepreneurial process of high-tech startups. The goal of this activity was to provide in-depth insights regarding Digital Entrepreneurship that cannot be attained from classroom experience alone.

The sole purpose of the Digital Rocket Pitch was to help students create their own entrepreneurial ventures. In this activity students presented their innovative digital business ideas, outlining the details of opportunity, required resources and team. There were various ideas that were selected by crowd voting through which students were able to develop a complete business plan on those ideas.

Students developed a comprehensive Business Plan attained from multiple customer interviews and surveys, which provided the primary data for their market research. As a part of their business plan students also developed well researched Financial and Operational plans for their businesses.

By the end of course individual students completed the confidential peer appraisal through a form, to review each member’s contribution towards their business plan project.

This should also be brought into limelight that KSBL is the pioneer in digital economy courses in Pakistan, with a focus to not just impart technological skills in students but also to enable them to develop winning strategies that can excel in the digital ecosystem.

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