KSBL Conducted Session on Responsibilities of Mentors in Creating Future Leaders at SBT Japan

To acquaint participants regarding the importance of mentorship in organizations, KSBL, under its Corporate Keynote Initiative, conducted a session on “Responsibilities of Mentors in Creating Future Leaders” at SBT Japan. Delivered by esteemed Dr. Muhammad Athar Siddiqui (Associate Dean, KSBL), the session focused on introducing the culture of mentorship within organizations, for the personal and professional growth of employees.

Discussing about role of mentorship in organizations and its advantages, Dr. Siddiqui shared that mentorship in companies plays a vital part in escalating employee satisfaction and elevating their performance level within their capacities. Moreover through effective mentoring new leaders can be identified within a company, who are capable of confronting its constantly emerging challenges and can come up with better business solutions. He further emphasized that having access to mentors in an organization enhances strategic mindset and decision making skills of employees.

While shedding light on importance of sustainable mentorship program, Dr. Siddiqui shared that a well-designed mentorship program in any organization is synced with company goals and career objectives of employees. These programs are not only conducive for employees in terms of their career development but also help them to adapt to latest skills and tools, for better results within their domains. He also emphasized that organizations should introduce mentorship programs and workshops, for effective cultivation of skills, improved employee retention and subsequent growth of organizations.

By the end of session Dr. Siddiqui left participants with words of inspiration, “Everything in the world given, the gold currency in mentorship like in any other relationship, is trust.”

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