KSBL Conducted Session on Responsibilities of Mentors in Creating Future Leaders at Tripack Films

KSBL conducted a session on “Responsibilities of Mentors in Creating Future Leaders,” by Dr. Muhammad Athar Siddiqui (Associate Dean, KSBL), at Tripack Films Limited. The event was carried out under the Corporate Keynote Initiative by Executive Education Services at KSBL. This initiative has been started to spread knowledge among professionals, conducive for their professional development and career advancement.

While discussing about the importance of mentorship in organizations and its advantages, Dr. Siddiqui said that mentorship in companies can encourage existing employees and increase employee satisfaction. Moreover it can develop new leaders who can combat the constantly emerging challenges in organizations with better business solutions. He further emphasized that having access to mentors in an organization brings with it deeper insights for effective decision making.

Highlighting the impact of a thriving mentorship program, he shared that a well-designed and sustainable mentorship program in any company is aligned with the career objectives of employees and the goals of an organization. It not only helps employees in terms of career and leadership development in their capacities, but also teaches them new skills and increases engagement between the coworkers. Furthermore he stressed that organizations should encourage the formation of mentorship programs, for proper delegation and transferring of skills, to improve their employee retention and enable them to take ownership of their development.

By the end of the session Dr. Siddiqui left participants with the final words of inspiration. “Everything in the world given, the gold currency in mentorship like in any other relationship, is trust,” he said.

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