KSBL Conducted Sessions on Nature & Art of Living & Plantation Drive by Mr. Tofiq Pasha Mooraj (Horticulturalist)

The Character Building Society of KSBL organized sessions on Nature & Art of Living followed by a Plantation Drive, at Kokan Ground, to cultivate plants and combat escalating temperature of Karachi. The sessions were conducted by Mr. Tofiq Pasha Mooraj, the renowned horticulturalist, famous for his contribution in multiple initiatives to save Pakistan’s harsh climatic conditions and its overall ecosystem.

In the first session on the Nature & Art of Living, Mr. Mooraj shared his thoughts on humane aspects of prestigious father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s character. He commented that Mr. Jinnah’s pristine character not only inspired Muslims at large but also the leaders of his time. He was the man with a strong unparalleled moral, integrity and principles. Moreover, in the view of Mr. Jinnah’s immaculate character traits & competencies he emphasized students to adapt to his legacy and encouraged them to be civilized by adhering to traffic rules, reducing plastic consumption; and become part of multiple initiatives focusing on the betterment of humanity.

The next session involved the Plantation Drive. This CSR activity was conducted to re-ignite the sense of environmental responsibility in students. Commenting on the severity of Karachi’s weather during the beginning of summer, Mr. Mooraj shared that due to rapid urbanization and unplanned housing projects in the metropolis, the temperature here is constantly increasing. However, Karachi is blessed to have a coastline that minimizes the urban heat island effect. He also suggested that the temperature of our country cannot be just secured through plantation drives, continuous cleanliness of the streets and coastlines is also equally crucial. He said that whatever collective efforts they will put in to secure the environment, they will be always be reciprocated.

All students fervently participated in both the sessions by the end of which the response of participants was overwhelmingly positive.

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