KSBL DEC Session – Mr. Humza Naviwala – CEO Hudson Pharma speaks to KSBL Students on Investment Banking

Mr. Humza Naviwala, Founder & CEO Hudson Pharma spoke at KSBL in a Guest Speaker Session on the theme of Investment Banking – “Investing Opportunities Come To A Prepared Mind”. This was attended by MBA, EMBA students and alumni. An interesting feature of the talk was the wise direction that the art of investing, while being a specialized skill, draws on a broad knowledge base that takes from concepts across Opportunity Cost or Network Effects (Business) to Catalysts (Science) and Incentives (Psychology) with exposure to Math, of course, being instrumental!
The session ended with a useful “Investment Checklist” with elements to keep in mind for young ventures; and questions were taken.

This is part of the KSBL ‘Developing Executive Capabilities’ focus. #KSBLDEC #KSBL #MyKSKL

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