KSBL- Developing Executive Capabilities (DEC) Module

In line with KSBL’s mission of preparing the students for their professional careers, the Developing Executive Capabilities (DEC) module encompasses a myriad number of essential skills focusing on role based training that will help the students seize the best opportunities for employment. The DEC Module was formally launched in September, 2014, and since then several experts from the industry have been invited for sessions with the students. To name a few,

  • ICI’s Head of HR, Ms. Fathema Zuberi had a session with the students which revolved around the recruitment cycle and criteria at ICI. She highlighted essential behavioral and attitudinal traits that potential employers look for in candidates at the time of hiring. She shared ICI’s approval of KSBL graduates and the expectation of identifying the best talent this year as well. ICI Pakistan, is one of KSBL’s employment partners for the MBA Class of 2014: Asad Abdul Muhammad, Gold Medalist from the first batch is now working at ICI as a Graduate Trainee.
  • Mr. Muhammad Ali, Senior Consultant at Carnelian, conducted a session on: Self Awareness, Personality Types and Personal Values. The central idea was for students to understand their strengths and values and then be in a position to seek alignment between their competing priorities. He said, ‘the sooner individuals are able to achieve this the more energy they can channelize towards efforts that will allow them to succeed in personal and professional life’.
  • Fauzia Kerai Khan & Mariyah Arif, Consultants from Prime HR, conducted a workshop on Interview Skill Building for a group of graduating students. The workshop revolved around developing communication and interpersonal skills specifically required from a behavioral interview perspective. This was spread over 5 sessions conducted in two days with interactive discussions and sharing of experience for greater learning. The two experts also provided guidance to the students on how to build their resumes and make an impact during a job interview.
  • Mr. Shakeel Pal, Executive Director HR Integrated is engaged with MBA 1st & 2nd year students for the Young Professional Leadership Readiness Program to assess leadership potential of students. This is a voluntary program with 52 registered participants. So far, 2 introductory sessions, a thorough personality assessment and a full day personality evaluation have been conducted as part of this program. Subsequent sessions are to follow that will enable greater self-awareness and direction setting for the participant of the YPLRP. The intent and goal of this rigorous initiative is to enable KSBL students determine a career path that builds on individual strengths and ensures long-term career success and personal growth!

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