KSBL Executive Education Program on “Strategic Thinking for Senior Leadership”

KSBL Executive Education recently conducted a three-day program on Strategic Thinking for Senior Leadership. Dr. Rehan Malik (Associate Dean, Industry Linkages), Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed (Associate Professor of Finance) and Shariq Ather Rahman (Teaching Fellow) jointly facilitated this program.

The program was attended by professionals from several industries including oil and gas exploration, automobiles, and airline logistics.

The program explored frameworks in dealing with uncertainty in strategic thinking at C-Suite level. The faculty leveraged their global experience in strategy consulting, public policy, and financial management to introduce the participants to uncertainty and planning for possible futures.

In the first half of the program, the participants explored the “Future of Food” and the “Strategic Flexibility” framework through an industrial development strategy document authored by Dr. Rehan Malik as an advisor to a regional industry development association. The participants analyzed a range of future global industry scenarios and explored the technologies, trends, and industry drivers likely to affect the global food industry and potential business opportunities that could emerge. They applied the concepts of scenarios under the “Strategic Flexibility” framework to develop potential scenarios for their own industries and then identified potential core and contingent strategies to succeed in these scenarios.

In the second half of the program, the participants explored the finance and accounting of strategic options and value creation. Through a simulation, the participants analyzed strategy as a portfolio of real options and explored how a product launch can be valued differently if using options valuation approach.
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