KSBL Executive Education Programme “High Impact Leadership”

Executive Education Programme “High Impact Leadership” was conducted on December 4 – 6, 2013, at the KSBL campus, by Dr. Nelson Phillips and Dr. Rizwan Amin Sheikh. This programme helped the audience become aware of their personality and other traits in order to make themselves more effective through exploration (questionnaire assessment exercises), reflection (thinking about and discussing one’s traits, habits, and behaviours), practice (role play, simulation, and case studies) and self-development (plans to adapt and change to tackle future challenges).

The programme was all about finding new and better ways of “being themselves” through enhanced insight and skill and not about exhausting themselves trying to change who they are. Leadership is at the heart of organisational life, and leadership effectiveness determines the success of the enterprise overall. After this programme, the participants were able to continue to develop themselves as a leader. It helped them become more effective in their leadership practice. It increased their motivation and commitment and provided them with new network of peers and new perspective on leadership challenges.
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