KSBL Held a DEC Session on Consciousness & the World of Work

KSBL held a session on ‘Consciousness & the World of Work,’ conducted by Mr. Sohail Zindani (Founder & CEO – Learning Minds). During his session Mr. Zindani shared about persistently occurring disruptions at workplaces and how through consciousness individuals can adapt to constantly emerging changes within an organization, and create shared value within a team.

While encouraging students to work on their strengths Mr. Zindani commented that working on strengths is the mantra to success. If you will only hone on your weaknesses then chances are that your career progress will become stagnant and you will never experience the transitional shift of being an extra-ordinary professional, on your career journey.

Highlighting the tactics on dealing with stressful situations within an organization, he shared that in order to succeed one must lead with insights. In an organization you cannot expect sustainable growth if you are not adaptable to change. If change frustrates you then you must retire, rather striving through the monotony. In addition to that he suggested students to stay in practice to learn new things and learn to cherish small successes that come their way.

The session was highly enriching and energetic, by the end of which all the students fervently participated in an engaging QnA session.

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