KSBL Held A Session On Grooming For Success By Mr. Azam Jamil

KSBL organized a session on Grooming for Success on Saturday, 17th September 2018. Mr. Azam Jamil, Vice President Learning & Development at Hashwani Hotels, was invited as a guest speaker to conduct the session.

Mr. Azam Jamil started off the session by asking students regarding their idea of personal grooming. He conducted various exercises during his session in which he asked students regarding their USPs and how they planned to make themselves standout in the competitive market. He also shared some unique examples, to make students understand the difference between a person who is professionally groomed and the one who is not.

Emphasizing on character building he shared that even though it is very important for students to be groomed from the outside but at the same time it is also crucial to have an exemplary character. A good character will immensely help them rise towards excellence, on their path of career building.

He also explained that with focus, persistence and relentless efforts one can build a strong professional image in the eyes of employers. Moreover, he shared insights on Personal Branding with students in the view of how they envisioned themselves. Furthermore, he shed light on importance of a well written resume, to create a strong impression on employer in an interview. Mr. Azam Jamil also emphasized on the importance of networking and building robust relationships for career prosperity.

The event ended with an engaging questions and answers session in which all the students actively participated.

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