KSBL Held a Session on Moving Mountains Vision by Mr. Abdul Samad Khan (Trainer, National Outdoor Leadership School, USA)

The Karachi School of Business & Leadership organized an energetic session on the Moving Mountains Vision, with Mr. Abdul Samad Khan (Trainer, National Outdoor Leadership School, USA).

The session started off with Mr. Abdul Samad Khan giving a brief overview regarding the topic in the view of team building, personal effectiveness & empowerment and how by certain envisioning exercises participants can reach their peak performance level. Moreover, he divided students into teams and conducted certain exercises on leadership, to select team leaders for each of them.

According to Mr. Khan, humans think that moving mountains is an impossible task. However if they get determined to do it, then there are high chances that they might accomplish their goal. He further explained that in life to do anything, it is always the first step that is the most difficult to take, in order to achieve anything in life. Once that step is taken with courage and perseverance, the emerging possibilities and avenues are endless. Later, during the session he engaged students in different learning exercises like Building Tower, Reaching Heights and Acts of Kindness, to harness key competencies of resilience, decision making, kindness and leadership in them.

By the end of exhilarating session the response of students was incredibly positive. The session was successful in fulfilling its purpose of enlightening students with unique tactics that will help them succeed in their lives ahead.

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