KSBL Held a Session on Networking for Introverts with Mr. Abdur Rahman Syed (Brand Strategist & Executive Director Algebra, UAE)

KSBL held a session on ‘Networking for Introverts’ conducted by Mr. Abdur Rahman Syed (Brand Strategist & Executive Director Algebra, UAE). In this session he discussed about importance of networking for effective career-building and healthy business relations with participants.

In the beginning of session Mr. Rahman discussed about different personalities of individuals with respect to being introverts and extroverts. In the view of Capability, Morality and Personality, he shared that although introverts thrive in their personal space, in comparison to them it is easier for extroverts to mingle with people in a social circle. He then asked students to gauge themselves on where they stand on the spectrum of being introverts and extroverts.

Furthermore, Mr. Rahman also highlighted that these days networking is mandatory and in many cases it has been observed that it is through the contacts and connections of individuals many interviews are scheduled and various jobs are earned. He also emphasized that in order to be good at networking it is important for one to be a good listener and make solid connections.

Moreover he shared that besides exchange of business cards on one-on-one interactions at various corporate events, in today’s era of digitalization it is not mandatory that all networking should be done at a big event or meet-up. While encouraging students to be actively available on social media platforms, he said that fortunately we live in the Digital Age and that makes it convenient for individuals these days to conveniently establish active connections. In addition to that he advised students to be active on Twitter, LinkedIn and various other social media platforms that are ideal for immediate networking.

The subsequent Questions and Answers session marked the conclusion of event, in which all the students ardently participated.

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