KSBL held a Session on Self-Learning in the Modern Era by Dr. Muhammad Athar Siddqui

KSBL, as a part of its Corporate Keynote Initiative, organized a session on Self Learning in the Modern Era at Multinet Pakistan. The session, conducted by Dr. Muhammad Athar Siddiqui (Associate Dean, KSBL), focused on discussion with participants around adapting to latest methods of learning, via different contemporary digital mediums.
The session kicked off with Dr. Athar highlighting different aspects of Self-Learning and its importance in professional development of participants. He shared that paradigm shift of learning avenues to latest tools of technology has evolved the way of learning in today’s modern age. From instant access to the newest mobile technology to different courses available online on various portals, there are multiple choices available on the finger-tips of professionals and participants. Through these channels they can make the most out of them in terms of skills acquisition and getting relevant information from their preferred avenues.

While the traditional way of learning is irreplaceable, where the instructor is always there to support and guide individuals throughout, this informal way has also proven to be effective to equip individuals with new skills to a great extent. Discussing about the numerous authentic resources online, Dr. Athar also shared that as easy as it sounds self-learning requires a lot of discipline and persistence. He shed light on the contribution of tech giants like Google search and YouTube in making this self-directed form of learning faster and absolutely convenient for individuals.

With constant innovation of smartphones, maximum number of learners is getting inclined towards them, for instant access to pertinent information and courses. During discussion on different personal electronic devices, he shared that smartphones these days are ubiquitous information-accessing tools as they are increasing in numbers. He also emphasized individuals to become avid readers and create informal discussion groups, for instant exchange of ideas among their peers.

Dr. Athar also encouraged participants to always be self-driven learners and never give up on improving themselves. He explained that these additional certifications and qualifications will help participants in growing further in their professional capacities and ensure success further ahead in life.

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