KSBL Held a Session on Talent in Action at Pak-Suzuki

KSBL conducted a session on Talent in Action, as a part of its Corporate Keynote Initiative at Pak- Suzuki. Dr. Muhammad Athar Siddiqui (Associate Dean, KSBL) was speaker of the session in which he talked about talent management within organizations, to build high performance trajectory for employees.

The session started off with Dr. Siddiqui explaining participants about the importance of managing talent, team-building activities and employee performance evaluation. Furthermore, he shared that the Human Resource department in any organization plays a crucial role in aligning talent management practices with organization’s strategy and vision.

While discussing about achieving the best results with talented employees, Dr. Siddiqui also emphasized that companies should focus on giving them access to the latest practices and tools, for development and sustainable growth of organizations.

He also shared that to enhance the potential of existing employees and get the best possible value through their performance, organizations should encourage their occasional enrollments in various executive training programs and workshops.

The event concluded with engaging Q&A session further polishing the outcome of session.

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