KSBL Held Daraz Recruitment Drive for Its Daraz Future Leadership Program 2019

Daraz conducted its Recruitment Drive at KSBL for its Future Leadership Program 2019.

In the beginning of session the representatives of team gave a brief overview to students regarding organization.

They shared that Daraz is one of the most rapidly emerging online marketplaces that offers an unparalleled ecommerce platform for online shopping to consumers residing in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maymar, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Featuring wide assortments on consumer electronics, make-up products and clothing lines, along with the fast growing general merchandise. They further elaborated that Daraz as a portal is not only a retail solution of optimal convenience, it is also significantly impacting the disruptive change in the digitization of region.

Commenting on the Daraz Future Leadership Program they shared that this program is designed to help participants become the next leaders within their capacities. They will be provided with opportunities to prove their capabilities with their truest potential, by means of rotation in three distinctive departments. The participants selected participants for the program will hold big responsibilities. The time span of program will be 18 months, in which the selected ones will be gauged for their competencies, on the basis of which the organization might also offer them future leadership positions.

The team conducted one-on-one walk in interviews with students that were later followed by an online recruitment test.

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