KSBL Held Enriching Workshop for Business Executives of Alkaram Textiles

October 30th, 2018: An interactive two-day training workshop was held at KSBL on Financial Acumen for Non-Financial Executives (FANFE), for business executives of Alkaram Textiles. The session revolved around Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed (Dean, KSBL) sharing strategies with participants, to strengthen their financial competencies.

The workshop started off with Dr. Zeeshan giving brief overview on topics of discussion to the participants. He explained them about importance of money and how crucial this training is for employees specifically the ones who belong to a non-finance background, to strengthen their financial acumen. He highlighted that the training involves activities and simulations designed to emulate their performance, so that they become better capable of creating value for their organization and manage its multiple financial goals, revolving around its stakeholders, resources and markets.

While discussing the core meaning of Finance and its role in all aspects of life, Dr. Zeeshan said, “Finance simply means money and Financial Management is all about acquisition and allocation of Finances.” He further shared in-depth insights on assets, liabilities, equity and corporate context of stock pricing with participants. Moreover he also shed light on capital budgeting and its impact on company’s profits and overall progress.
The activities conducted during the session involved scenarios pertaining to workplace as well as households, for better understanding.

The session concluded with the distribution of certificates. The feedback of participants was phenomenal as always.

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