KSBL Held Guest Speaker Session with Mr. M.A. Mannan

A guest speaker session for the Summer Program class of Dr Shoaib Ul Haq, was held on 11th August, 2018. The session was conducted by TCS M.A. Mannan (President – CEO of TCS Holdings private Limited).
The event kicked off with an opening speech by Dr Zeeshan Ahmed (Dean, KSBL), who highlighted Mr Mannan’s accomplishments and breakthroughs in his career.

In the session Mr Mannan primarily discussed his constant encounters with entrepreneurs, over the span of past 25 years of his career. He shared that when he started off his career journey there was no concept of entrepreneurship but as the global economy transcended, this trend expanded into Pakistan’s economic landscape as well.

According to nature & innate behavior Pakistanis are mostly entrepreneurs and as per the statistics by SMEDA (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority) 99% of the economic establishments in Pakistan are the small and medium enterprises that are set up by individuals or the groups of entrepreneurs themselves. These businesses contribute 40% to the GDP and 30% to the exports from the manufacturing sector. Moreover as per the current digital landscape of Pakistan, out of the population of 194.8 million 40-60% people constitute millennials. There are 31 million active social media users, whereas 40 million are smartphone users – 28 million constitute the active number of people who use social media from their smartphone.

Mr Mannan also elaborated various fallacies that have emerged with the paradigm shift of country’s economy towards digital. He reiterated that instead of blindly following whatever is in trend and confronting repercussions later, one should always figure out first what he is built for. He created a contrast between entrepreneurs and mortals, to differentiate between the mindset of a person on an entrepreneurial front with the one on a corporate job.

While discussing the current entrepreneurial scenario in the country and its expanding scope, Mr M.A. Mannan also shed light on success story of TCS and how by grabbing big opportunities it has cemented its niche in the market today. As per the current stats, TCS is the team of 13000 people. 164 million shipments annually. The TCS team is working with 15000 corporates and internationally they ship to over 220 countries in the world. Moreover currently TCS has over 950 express centres.

What made the event more interesting was the Q&A session in which the two-way communication between him and students immensely benefitted students. In the end of the session the students gave a standing ovation to Mr Mannan for his extremely energetic and insightful session. Dr Shoaib Ul Haq presented him with a memento and thanked him for his presence.

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